ICT – Semester in Washington Program Designed for Natives

Here, and an excerpt:

Designed specifically for Native American, Alaskan Native and Native Hawaiian undergraduate students interested in the nation’s political process and beginning a career in politics, the Native American Political Leadership Program (NAPLP) allows qualified applicants to participate in George Washington University’s (GWU) Semester in Washington. Since 1995 George Washington University’s Semester in Washington has brought college students from around the globe to experience the excitement of national and international politics with hands-on learning experiences in the legislative process including political campaigning, international relations, lobbying strategies, and more.

The NAPLP scholarship allows Native students to experience this incredible and invaluable educational opportunity at no cost. Accepted NAPLP applicants receive individual scholarships to cover round trip airfare, tuition, housing, books, fees and even a stipend for living expenses throughout the duration of their stay in the capital. For more information about the program including coursework, internship opportunities, and application requirements, visit the George Washington University’s website at SemesterinWashington.gwu.edu/naplp.

Read more athttp://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2013/11/17/semester-washington-program-designed-natives-152244

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