Here. An excerpt from the introduction:

This is the second monograph published by Northern Arizona University emphasizing culture-based education, which seeks to accomplish the melding of Indigenous and Western knowledge and pedagogy to improve school experiences for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. The first book, Honoring Our Heritage: Culturally Appropriate Approaches for Teaching Indigenous Students (Reyhner, Gilbert & Lockard, 2011) was dedicated to the memory of Alaskan educator Dr. Bill Demmert (Tlingit/Ogala Lakota) and included nine chapters
focusing on various aspects of culture-based education. This current volume begins with adaptations of the keynote speeches by Donna Deyhle and Ray Barnhardt at the Honoring Our Heritage: American Indian Teacher Education Conference held on July 13-14, 2012 at Northern Arizona University. Dr. Deyhle
writes in “Listening to Lives: Lessons Learned from American Indian Youth” about what she has learned from three decades working with Navajo children and their families.

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