Submission Guidlines

Respect, honesty, love, bravery, humility, truth and wisdom are our cultural values. Pick a cultural value (or pick them all!) and write a song, tell a story, create art, or make a video answering one of the following questions:

How do you incorporate (value) into your everyday life?
What does (value) mean to you?
Why is (value) important to your culture?
Which cultural value is most important to you? Share a story about a time in your life when you felt you embodied that trait.

Need to get inspired? Check out what each value means by learning more about the Seven Grandfather Teachings

Deadline for entries is: January 31, 2014

The project is open to American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawai’ian youth, ages 13 – 24. The top ten entries will be awarded $100 in cash prizes. All submissions will be featured in the eBook, weRnative blog, Reconnecting The Circle website, and other content platforms.

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