ICT: Running for Native Youth

A good piece on UNITY and Mary Kim Titla, here. An excerpt:

As my feet hit the pavement mile after mile in Phoenix, Scottsdale and then Tempe, Arizona last month while running the P.F. Chang’s Rock and Roll Marathon, I thought of “T” and “G.” “T”, an 18-year-old Apache/African American woman, was raised in a foster home. Her wrists tell a sad tale, desecrated from years of cutting, a form of self-injury. “T” responded to years of bullying by getting into fights and landed in and out of juvenile jail.

“Girls threw trash at me and called me names,” she said when I last saw her. She appeared happy at a ceremony last year where she received a certificate for completing a unit toward obtaining a GED Her older foster brother sat in the audience grinning from ear to ear. They later posed for pictures. “T” let me take a photo of her arms when I promised not to reveal her name.

Read more athttp://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2014/02/19/running-native-youth-153629

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