Native Students Plan to Wear Eagle Feathers for HS Graduation Despite What School Officials Say

Graduation will be held today, and we’ll be there in spirit!

Here is the article (video included) and an excerpt is as follows:

SEMINOLE, Okla. – Native American seniors at Seminole High School say they are planning to wear eagle feathers on their graduation caps on Thursday night as a symbol of pride and tradition.

However, school officials say that would violate graduation ceremony guidelines that were conveyed to them in early May.

Kaden Tiger earned an eagle feather as an outstanding citizen of the Seminole Nation.

He has already tied it to his mortarboard, along with tribal beads.

“I wasn’t going to go by the rules anyway because it’s my right,” he said.  “The accomplishment of completing high school is pretty big for me.  That eagle feather represents what I’ve accomplished.”

Despite the school mascot being the Chieftains, school officials say cap decorations are not allowed for anyone.

“This is a way of expressing who we are.  I’m still going to wear it,” Tiger said.  “I can’t take it off.  Can’t make me.”

Nearly half the student population at Seminole High is Native American with some still fighting to wear feathers.

Superintendent Jeff Pritchard released a statement Wednesday, saying in part: “While we applaud the many accolades our students have received in their activities outside the school environment, our graduation ceremony is designed specifically to honor achievements attained under the district’s purview.”

Seminole’s graduation begins Thursday at 8 p.m. at the football stadium.

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