NIEA Webinar Series: Culture Based Approach to Common Core – Culturally Cognizant English/Language Arts

Facilitator: Dr. Walter Kahumoku III

NIEA is excited to provide our membership the next webinar date in our monthly series. Join NIEA and Dr. Walter Kahumoku III on June 25, 2014 for an opportunity to learn about infusing culturally-based education (CBE) models into the Common Core State Standards. Research studies identify that CBE components are critical for improving Native student academic achievement. Dr. Kahumoku specializes in Common Core implementation that respects cultural components and will provide educators and stakeholders examples and best practices for your local institutions.

Such CBE elements include:

  • Recognition and use of Native languages;
  •  Pedagogy using traditional cultural characteristics and adult-child interactions;
  • Teaching strategies that are congruent with traditional culture and ways of knowing and learning;
  • Curriculum based on traditional culture and Native spirituality;
  • Strong Native community participation in education and the planning and operation of school activities; and
  • Knowledge and use of the community’s political and social concepts.

Important Information

  • Date: June 25, 2014
  • Time: To Be Determined
  • Additional Details: Go to

For more information, please contact Diana Cournoyer at

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