From Turtle Talk: A Collection of Stories and Links about Billy Frank


Billy Frank’s Last Post at NWIFC: Keep Big Oil Out of Grays Harbor

PBS Newshour: Northwest “Salmon People” Face Future without Fish

Oral History Project, Where the Salmon Run

Bunky Echohawk’s Portrait of Billy Frank

NY Times: On the River Bank with Billy Frank Jr. Indians and Salmon: Making Nature Whole

Seattle Times: Billy Frank: Champion of Tribal Rights Dies at 83

Seattle Times: Timeline of Billy Frank’s Life

Bellingham Herald: Billy Frank Jr. — Activist, Icon, Environmental Giant

Time Magazine: Native American Fishing Activist Billy Frank

North Kipsap Herald: Billy Frank Jr. Devoted His Life to Defense of Fishing Rights, Salmon Habitat

The Olympian: Tribal Fishing Activist Led Fight Resulting in 1974 Boldt Decision

Statement of Cynthia Iyall, Nisqually Indian Tribe Chair

Statement of the President

Statement of the Secretary of the Interior

Statement of the Assistant Secretary of the Interior

Senator Cantwell’s Statement

Washington State-Tribal Education Compacts

Here are the Washington State regulations that implement HB 1134, which is now Chapter 28A.715 of the Revised Code of Washington.  That statute authorizes Tribes to enter into compacts with the State of Washington whereby Tribes essentially take on the role of local education agencies (School Districts) and therefore have greater control over the education of Tribal students.  This model will be one that we monitor as it moves forward as it appears to be an excellent one for greater control over Tribal education.

NAEP Shows High School Students Unprepared for College

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) found that many high school students are performing at unsatisfactory levels in national assessment especially for minority groups.

An excerpt:

In an abysmal showing, only about one-quarter of U.S. high school seniors performed solidly in math on a national assessment known as the nation’s report card, reinforcing concerns that large numbers of students are unprepared for college or the workplace.

In reading, almost 4 in 10 students reached that level, known as “proficient,” or higher.

In both subjects on the 2013 exam there was little change from 2009, when the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) test was last given to 12th-graders. The national results come from a representative national sample of 92,000 public and private school students.

The stagnation is “unacceptable,” said David Driscoll, chairman of the National Assessment Governing Board, which sets policy for the exam.

“Achievement at this very critical point in a student’s life must be improved to ensure success after high school,” Driscoll said.

The results follow on just-released research that U.S. high school graduation rates in 2012 reached 80 percent, a record.

You can find the full article here!

Microsoft’s YouthSpark: Providing Education & Employment Opportunities to Young People

Today’s youth face an opportunity divide – a gap between those who have access to the skills and training they need to be successful, and those who do not. With more than 75 million unemployed youth around the world, we must work together to close this divide in order to secure the future of our youth, and of our global economy.

Last year, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced Microsoft YouthSpark, a company-wide, global initiative to create opportunities for 300 million youth over three years. Through 30+ programs and partnerships with 186 youth-serving nonprofits, in its first year alone Microsoft YouthSpark has created new opportunities for more than 103 million young people in over 100 countries around the world. Although there is much still to do, we’re inspired by what we’ve seen: young people taking the lead in changing not only their lives but the lives of other around them, making a real impact in their local communities and on the global stage.

YouthSpark Grants

Microsoft provides cash grants to eligible organizations whose missions and activities support youth development. For more information, see our  Nonprofit FAQ.

Microsoft also donates software and services to a broad array of eligible nonprofit organizations. Visit our software donation page for more information on eligibility and how to apply.

Explore the site here to see how young people around the world are seizing opportunities to build a better future for themselves and for all of us.