An excellent brief from the WIDA Consortium about America Indian Students who are also English Language Learners (ELL)

Focus on American Indian English Language Learners May 2014

“Language is a huge part of your culture. It is really hard to have one without the other” —David O’Connor, American Indian Studies Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (2013)

The purpose of this WIDA Bulletin is to help educators make connections and provide contexts to deepen an awareness of the complexity and diversity of American Indian students identified as ELLs. To help achieve this objective, several guiding principles are presented that emerged from an interview conducted with Dr. Bryan McKinley Jones Brayboy and American Indians Studies Consultant, David O’Connor. In addition to explanations of each guiding principal, a discussion tool is provided that can be used in your local context about how these guiding principles can impact your classroom and guide your instruction.

Thanks to Native News Network for the heads up.

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