JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Seminole Tribe of Florida Seeking Superintendent of Education!

The Seminole Tribe of Florida is currently accepting applications for a Superintendent of Education.

The person in this position will be responsible for the overall leadership, development, organization, management, operation, and implementation of Seminole Tribe of Florida’s Educational programs across departments including the Ahfachkee School, Ahfachkee Traditional Preservation, Pemayetv Emakakv Charter School, Brighton Charter Cultural Program, and the Preschool Program.

The person in this position will also perform a thorough analysis of the educational departments/programs and provide recommendations commensurate with the enhancement of services.

The person hired will also recommend, develop, and implement educational and professional development operating policies for consideration and action by the Chief Executive Administrative Officer (EAO) and the Tribal Council.

For more information on the requirements/duties, please visit or apply online by visiting today!

We appreciate your feedback, please leave a comment!

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