IMPORTANT MESSAGE for Self-Governance Tribes: How Did Sequestration and the Government Shut Down Effect Your Tribe?

This week the National Indian Health Board Chairwoman, Cathy Abramson, and Dr. Yvette Roubideaux will testify about the importance of Advanced Appropriations for the Indian Health Service. In preparation for the hearing, the TSGAC and SGAC Chairs request that Self-Governance Tribes provide information regarding the negative effects of sequestration and the government shutdown on Tribal operations. For example, your Tribe may have experience layoffs, decreased or deferred services, or increased denials.

If your Tribal has collected this information and would like to share examples of these effects, please contact Terra Branson at by close of business today.  These examples will be compiled and shared with both parties to provide Congressional members with concrete examples of how Advanced Appropriations would protect critical health care services provided by Self-Governance Tribes.

For more information about Advanced Appropriations and the Self-Governance Strategy please review this white paper.

We appreciate your feedback, please leave a comment!

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