JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Tribal Liaison for the Department of Early Learning


The Washington State Department of Early Learning (DEL) helps ensure all children in Washington have high-quality early learning opportunities that prepare them for success in school and life. We work in partnership with parents, families, caregivers, and early learning professionals to offer information and resources that support healthy child development. Learn more about DEL at


Reporting to the Department of Early Learning Director, this position is responsible for all aspects of partnership and collaboration with the twenty-nine (29) federally recognized Indian Tribes in Washington State.  This position assists the Department of Early Learning fulfill its mission, commitment and obligation to provide quality early learning to all citizens of our state by emphasizing partnerships with an understanding of multicultural and Native American/Alaska Native citizens of our state.

  • Salary: $4,583.33 – $5,750.00 Monthly
  • Opening Date: 7/11/14
  • Closing Date: Continuous

For more information about the qualifications and its application and submission process, click here!

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