NIEA Advocacy Guide

If you have not seen it, NIEA’s Advocacy Action Guide is an excellent summary for advocating to Congress to advance Indian Education.  The Guide can be seen here.  TEDNA and NIEA share many of the same concerns and have worked together well in the past to advance Indian Education policy and will continue to do so into the future.  

An excerpt from the Guide:

In particular, we are asking NIEA members to reach out to your congressional delegation on FY 2015 funding levels, Native language immersion programs, and Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) reform. With your local work and NIEA’s coordinated efforts in DC, we may have the opportunity to move significant language immersion legislation this year. Our combined efforts to increase lawmakers’ understanding of culturally-based learning and issues facing our Native students are critically timed since both Congress and the President have increased focus on Native education this year. 

Also, please join us for TEDNA’s Annual Meeting and Forum, which will be held in conjunction with NIEA’s Annual Convention.  

We appreciate your feedback, please leave a comment!

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