Hālau Holomoana – Hawaiian culture/waʻa based maritime vocational training program for H.S. juniors and seniors

Kānehūnāmoku Voyaging Academy’s new project, Hālau Holomoana is accepting applications. The purpose of this project is to pilot a Hawaiian culture/waʻa based maritime vocational training program for high school juniors and seniors. Based on our learning from grand master navigator Mau Piailug and the ʻohana of waʻa, we hope this program will inspire young Hawaiians to enter the maritime industry, to provide them with the skills necessary to enter confidently into 2 and 4 year academies, as well as expose them to the local opportunities in Hawaii’s maritime industry.

Hālau Holomoana is a year long program that begins each fall, consisting of 180 hours of total instruction, culminating in a 10 day open ocean voyage (click here for images of the voyage). Hālau Holomoana having garnered planning input and commitments of support from retired kūpuna who fulfilled successful maritime careers as well as skilled seamanship professionals, cultural practitioners and master navigators, reflects a promising inter-generational, community-based approach. Most importantly, Hālau Holomoana prepares youth for careers that provide a comfortable livelihood while also affording ample time away from work to give back to the community through lifelong learning and perpetuation of Hawaiian canoe culture.

Training will include FA/CPR, water safety, boating and seamanship skills, small boat handling, training on Kānehūnāmoku, coastal and non-instrumental navigation, Hawaiian culture and protocol, with field trips to maritime industry related sites like METC, Hōkūleʻa, Matson Navigation, and Hawaii Tug and Barge.

To learn more about the program or to apply, click here.


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