‘No, Baby, You Will Never, Ever See Your Parents Again’: Suicide Chronicles, Part 3

Part 3 of the Suicide Chronicles from Indian Country Today, here.  An excerpt:

Defense wins championships. 

Stay in the game long enough and anything can happen.  It’s something that I have to remind myself of—“You’re a dad.  Don’t get in a fight; people like to shoot guns nowadays instead of fighting.  Wear your seatbelt; Indians seem to always die in car accidents. Don’t eat that donut—way too many who lookjustlike you died of complications related to diet or alcohol or diabetes.”

Stay in the game.  Be there for your son.  Your grandchildren.  You might make history—you have a chance to be special, to educate, to assist, to serve.  Just stay in the game.

Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2014/10/07/no-baby-you-will-never-ever-see-your-parents-again-suicide-chronicles-part-3-157236

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