Indian Affairs Budget Chapters

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2016_Indian Affairs Budget Request

An excerpt:

Advancing Indian Education – The Interior budget proposes a $1.0 billion investment in Indian education to support a comprehensive transformation of BIE. The multi-year process will transform BIE into an organization that serves as a capacity builder and service provider to support Tribes in educating their youth and deliver a worldclass and culturally appropriate education across Indian Country. The budget provides increases totaling $138.4 million for elementary and secondary school education activities funded by BIE and education construction. The request includes a program increase of $45.5 million in Elementary and Secondary education. An increase of $12.9 million is to fully fund Tribal Grant Support Costs which, similar to Contract Support Costs, assists Tribes that run their own schools by covering the costs of administering programs. The Education Program Enhancement program is increased by $10.0 million to provide incentive funding for schools. Requested facility maintenance and operations increases totaling $20.0 million will provide essential preventive and routine maintenance and operating expenses so that schools are operated in a safe and educationally conducive manner. The 2016 budget also includes a $34.2 million increase for education information technology that will enhance broadband and digital access for students at BIE-funded schools.

Here is the 2016_Tribal_Nations Budget.

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  1. I fully support and recommend we fully fund not only the elementary and secondary levels but our Tribal Head start programs and make it a goal to see that every child has access to tribal head start regardless of income status! Higher Education Scholarship programs are also working and doing a great job in exposing, educating and recruiting not only high school but middle and elementary level students in preparation of their college careers! To see no mention of increases into higher education scholarship programs limits our ability as higher education specialist to adequately do our jobs in fulfilling the critical needs of tribal homelands especially in natural resource, health and education fields of study!! It also diminishes the hopes and dreams of many high school graduates who find that when they’ve done what was asked of them, there is no financial support at the end of the rainbow in terms of their tribe being able to offer them adequate financial assistance. The high cost of college, cost of living and expenses almost assures that the majority of financial aid from the institutions will be in the form of loans, almost at levels of 70% or more of the total financial aid package! And, when done with college, they are faced with enormous payback amounts which in many cases defeats the whole purpose of getting an educational college degree!! Maybe this is the same attitude the federal government wants, liken to the slaughtering off of our traditional foods to eliminate what they see(n) as their problem?! I see in the $1 billion budget proposal, Higher Education isn’t even mentioned!!

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