NEW RELEASE – Tribal Education Departments National Assembly
Feb. 2, 2015


Tribal Education Departments National Assembly (TEDNA) President Wayne Johnson congratulates President Obama on the FY16 Proposed Budget demonstrating his  commitment to self-determination for Indian Education by supporting increased funding for  BIE Schools, Native Youth, and tribal control of education.

“TEDNA expresses our appreciation to Congress and the President for paying specific attention to funding the 25 year-old authorization for the development of tribal education departments. Having this included in the FY15 budget and again in the FY16 budget recognizes the importance of local control for Tribal nations. While the $2 million dollar allocation is a step in the right direction, we hope to see increased funding in the future in order to provide for over 560 tribes with the support they need.” –  Wayne Johnson, Muskogee Creek, TEDNA President.

TEDNA The Tribal Education Departments National Assembly (TEDNA) is long standing membership organization supported by the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) whose mission is to improve the capacity and funding of tribes to address and advocate for the role of Tribal Education Departments, Tribal Education Agencies, and Tribal Divisions of Education in improving education for their tribal nations and members.

For More Information, Contact:  Quinton Roman Nose, 405-295-5691,,

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