Scholarship Created In Memory of Evelyn Stevenson

H/t to Turtle Talk.

Scholarship Created In Memory of Evelyn Stevenson

Evelyn Stevenson touched many lives throughout her lifetime.  She will be greatly missed, not only in Indian country but throughout the world.  Fortunately, her strong and passionate advocacy for Indian people and tribal sovereignty will continue to ripple forward through those she mentored, mothered and assisted in a multitude of ways.  Evelyn’s obituary paints a vivid picture of her generosity, dedication, determination, diverse interests and sense of humor.  As noted by her son Craig Stevenson, Evelyn was a strong supporter of education in the broadest sense possible.  Building on Evelyn’s recognition that education can be a powerful tool for protecting, preserving and promoting the vast array of components associated with tribal sovereignty, a scholarship has been established in her memory at the Salish Kootenai College.  Individuals wishing to honor Evelyn Stevenson by donating to this scholarship should contact the SKC Foundation online, by phone at 406-275-4983 or by mail at P.O. Box 70, Pablo, MT  59855.

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