Colorado House Education Committee passes a bill to limit Native American mascots

Here is an article from the Boulder Daily Camera on this.  Here and here are other articles. We previously posted about this here, where you can see the actual bill.   Matthew Campbell, a staff attorney with the Native American Rights Fund, testified on TEDNA’s behalf in support of the bill.  You can see his testimony here.  An excerpt:

Studies also show that the continued use of American Indian mascots is harmful to all students, not just American Indian students. Schools take on the role of educating and influencing students. By using American Indian mascots, schools are teaching students that stereotyping minority groups is an acceptable practice, further legitimizing discrimination against American Indians. These images perpetuate misrepresentations portraying American Indians as a “culture of people frozen in time.”For many non Indian students with little contact with Indigenous peoples, a mascot may be the only Indian encounter they have in their lives. Non-Indian students come to rely on these stereotypes to inform their own understanding of American Indians’ place in society, often times leading to discriminatory behavior.

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