From The Rapid City Journal: Adding Native American Education Part of State Ed Plan

PIERRE | For the first time in South Dakota, courses about Native Americans will be among the required subjects schools must teach.

The state Board of Education adjusted the schedule for reviewing teaching standards Thursday and added Native American education for all as a subject for the first time.

The revised schedule still calls for the board to adopt any revisions in English language arts in 2018, but in the spring rather than the summer, and to adopt any revisions in math in 2019, again in the spring rather than the summer.

State law requires four public hearings before the board can adopt standards or changes in standards. The standards are used in grades three through eight and grade 11 for testing student achievement. Further details of the requirement for Native American coursework were not discussed Thursday.

Some opponents of the Common Core standards that are now in place have claimed the schedule changes are an attempt to work away from Common Core, but Schopp said after the board meeting Thursday that is not the case.

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  1. I am not sure where this information came from for the Rapid City Journal…it is unclear. I checked with the South Dakota Department of Indian Education Director Mato Standing High and he thought it is the approved Social Studies Standards for South Dakota. Sherry Johnson

    Dr. Sherry Johnson
    Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate
    Tribal Education Director
    Box 509
    Agency Village, SD 57262

    605-760-2804 personal cell
    605-268-9057 work cell

    Sisitunwan-Wahpetunwan Oyate wounspe Ata Awangwicayakapi toked yuha skanpte ka tuwe owas wicayuwitayapi oniciyapte ka heced tokatakiya tohanya yanig hehanya wowaste unspenicicyapte.

    It is the mission of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Tribal Education Department to provide a comprehensive network of services for quality lifelong learning.

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