1. I would like to attend the TEDNA meeting on October 4th, 2016 … how do I get the information for this …. I am a Tribal Higher Education Director and I believe I have paid my dues but I haven’t heard from anyone if I am a member or not.  If I need my membership updated, please let me know.  Thank You … Diane LaPointe, Higher Ed Director, Santee Sioux Nation, 425 Frazier Ave. N Ste. 2, Niobrara, NE  68760

    1. Thank you Ms. LaPointe for your inquiry, we have forwarded your request to Ms. Sydney Wahkinney she will assist you in figuring out membership information. Second, I will follow-up on October 4th’s meeting to retrieve and send you the agenda including point of contact information first thing tomorrow morning. Feel free to contact me at chloe.roughface@tedna.org for any further questions.

      Thank you!

      1. Sydney informed me she emailed you a few hours ago, so if you haven’t received that, check your spam folder. Have a good day!

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