The Tribal Education Departments National Assembly, Co. (“TEDNA”), is a Native run national non-profit organization. TEDNA is a membership organization for the Education Departments of American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes (“TEDs”). TEDNA seeks to provide ongoing resources and technical assistance to the professional development of tribal education departments to help those departments to craft more comprehensive educational systems. TEDNA accomplishes this by fostering effective relationships with government agencies, education agencies, and organizations.   TEDNA seeks to provide support and encouragement for each tribes’ right to define and achieve its own education goals specific to their community. TEDNA represents Tribal Nations reclaiming our sovereignty in education; through the empowerment of establishing tribal education departments or the re-establishment of the tribal education departments. By empowering TED’s we are positioning our Nations to be able to lead our people through educational settings such as early childhood, K-12, college, and/or career readiness initiatives. 

          The founding of TEDNA has been supported by the Native American Rights Fund and the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Indian Education. TEDNA has adopted its Bylaws and is now accepting members! Click here to view our membership application.

Our mission is to:
      • Assemble and represent collectively indigenous sovereign nations’ departments of education;
      • Respect and honor each nation’s distinct spiritual, cultural, linguistic, and economic identities;
      • Foster effective relationships with other governmental and educational agencies, organizations, and entities;
      • Facilitate communication and cultivate consensus amongst members by, among other things, providing current, accurate, and pertinent information to members; and,
      • Support and encourage each member nation’s right to define and reach its own education goals for its students, families, and communities wherever they may be located.

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