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Submission information

Our goal is to ensure that our most vulnerable students have access to culture-based educational resources in an online format.


          In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, NIEA and IllumiNative have partnered to bring virtual and home learning educational materials and resources online to various stakeholders and programs throughout Indian Country. With a majority of educational institutions being closed due to the pandemic, our goal is to ensure that our most vulnerable students have access to culture-based educational resources in an online format. We know that moving to remote learning has posed a challenge for many of our families and educators. This is why NIEA and IllumiNative want to give educators a platform to share what has been working in their communities.

Submission Information

          We are inviting submissions of student-centered lesson plans, tasks, activities and materials for online use from educators and communities across Indian Country who are interested in assisting our collective organizations to support our educators, parents, families, communities, and students during this new era of virtual and home learning.

          This is a great opportunity to have your instructional tasks, materials, and plans featured on the NIEA and IllumiNative websites! NIEA will be adapting these materials into user-friendly, downloadable one-pagers that our communities can easily, and immediately, use at home with their students. Our objective with these materials will be to promote student learning at home and connect these activities to the classroom content these students have engaged, and will engage in, in the future. Submissions will be giving NIEA and IllumiNative ownership and ability to adapt and modify these materials as needed for our students. NIEA & IllumiNative will give credit to each respective submission within the one-pagers and materials.

How to submit your materials:

          Please email the following materials to by April 19th, 2020 at 11:59pm ET.

        • All Lesson Plans, Activities, Tasks, and Materials you wish to submit
        • Bio and Resume/CV

Presenters will be notified of their accepted materials, and will be notified when their materials are disseminated on our website. Thank you for your commitment to our students, we look forward to seeing your submissions! For all questions and concerns, please contact us at