ICT: Graduating Student Plans to Help Her People After Earning Law Degree

Here is the article from Indian Country Today.  An excerpt:

“I want to make the tribal system more efficient,” she said. “I’m a really big proponent of restorative justice that focuses on traditional values that American Indians can use to promote justice based on their traditions for people who commit crimes.” For instance, a domestic violence incident may be addressed by bringing the parties involved together to think of a traditional way to heal. Restorative justice is a way to bring healing and balance back to the community.

Choosing ASU as her top university was relatively easy for Tafoya who considered schools in New Mexico and California, but chose ASU after she heard about the strong American Indian Studies program here with faculty members who are all members of tribal nations.

“I think that it is important that you are taught by American Indian people. There is that true connection to that lived experience,” she said. “The faculty is very inviting and willing to help you. Through American Indian Student Support Services, I was able to get involved with other students.”


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