Tribal Education Department National Assembly

Sovereignty Serving Students

309 NW 13th St.
Oklahoma City, OK, 73103


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Newsletter (.pdf) Section Headlines:
July 2016

Volume I

TEDNA Scholarship Essay Contest, “We R Native” Photo Contest, 2016 National UNITY Conference in Oklahoma City, BIE Director Application Deadline Extended, TEDNA NYCP Personal Competencies Training in Oklahoma & Montana, NIEA 2016 47th Annual Convention & Trade show
August 2016

Volume I

TEDNA NYCP Hosts Personal Competency Training in Oklahoma City, TEDNA NYCP Student “Engage”ment and “ME” Posters, Tribal Charter School Summit, TEDNA Annual Meeting, TEDNA NYCP Pre-NIEA Conference Meeting, NIEA Conference October 6-8, 2016
Sept. & Oct. 2016

Volume I

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