Tribal Education Department National Assembly

Sovereignty Serving Students

309 NW 13th St.
Oklahoma City, OK, 73103

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Planning Week: (.pdf) Actual Schedules: (.pdf) Description:
Not Available Schedule A

08/29/16 – 9/30/16

Short-term implementation for the program leading up to the end of FY 2016; guides all tribal partnerships to concentrate on continuing ACT Engage implementation pending Schedule B. Click HERE to download
FY 2017 Q1 Schedule B

10/01/16 – 12/31/16

Short-term Quarter 1 implementation as program enters the FY 2017 year; guides all tribal partnerships and Indian Education Specialists (IES) to expand current implementation to six individualized activities, outlines deliverables from central office, and includes lesson planning for activities. Click HERE to download
Not Available Schedule C

01/01/17 – 03/31/17

This schedule is not available yet, please see planning session to be announced at a future date.