AIHEC is Hiring: Director of AIHEC NARCH Research

AIHEC is hiring!

Job Title: Director of AIHEC NARCH Research (PD)
Date: May 2015

A Non-profit organization dedicated to advancing American Indian Higher Education, seeks a Director of AIHEC NARCH Research with 5+ years of experience. Successful candidate should be able to work independently in a fast paced environment, be accurate, well organized and possess excellent computer, spreadsheet and communication skills.

The Director of AIHEC NARCH Research will assume a leadership role in the development and implementation of a distributed behavioral health research program involving the nations’ 37 Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) and will develop other research-related projects that build on the  NARCH project. The Director will provide day-to-day management of the AIHEC NARCH project and  engage in regular planning and project coordination activities with AIHEC staff, co-principal investigators, TCU research coordinators, and other partnering organizations and stakeholders. A priority for this position will be to establish a sustained program that builds upon the success of
the AIHEC NARCH project, providing the TCUs research, training and technical support resources as they develop research and education programs necessary to address critical issues impacting the health and wellness of American Indians.

This position calls for a strategic, energetic, and creative director, deeply knowledgeable of
behavioral health and American Indian issues, and familiar with best practices associated with community-based research and program implementation in American Indian/Alaska Native communities.

The Director must  be a skillful manager adept at cross-functional integration and program growth.

The Director must be able to work with diverse stakeholders and have the capacity to create and nurture effective partnerships. With a personal style that is professional, polished, and engaging,  the Director of AIHEC NARCH Research will engender trust, foster a collegial environment, and bring out the best in TCU project partners and

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