Tribal Education Department National Assembly

Sovereignty Serving Students

309 NW 13th St.
Oklahoma City, OK, 73103

ACTS – Association of Community Tribal Schools

AIHEC – American Indian Higher Education Consortium

American Indians in Children’s Literature

ANA – Administration for Native Americans, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Arizona Indian Ed.

BIE – Bureau of Indian Education

California Indian Ed.

CCSSO – Council of Chief State School Officers

Center for Native American Youth Blog

DOE – OIE – U.S. Department of Education – Office of Indian Education

HERE – BIE consultations on Study Group

Idaho Indian Ed.

Minnesota Indian Ed.

Montana Indian Ed.

NACIE – National Advisory Council on Indian Education

NARF – Native American Rights Fund

NCAI – National Congress of American Indians

NCES – National Center for Education Statistics

Nevada Indian Ed.

NIEA – National Indian Education Association

NISBA – National Indian School Board Association

NM Indian ED. Division

North Dakota Indian Ed.

NSBA – National Caucus of American Indian/Alaska Native School Board Members – National School Boards Association

Oklahoma Indian Ed.

Oregon Indian Ed.

SCIA – US Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

South Dakota Indian Ed.

Tribal Sovereignty in Washington State

Turtle Talk – Turtle Talk blog for the indigenous Law and Policy Center, Michigan State University College of Law

Washington Indian Education Office

White House Initiative on AI/AN Ed.