Allegations of Racism Directed at the University of Wyoming

An excerpt:

The Principal of St. Stephens Indian High School is calling the University of Wyoming’s investigation into the Sept. 26 incident at the University Store involving six St. Stephens Indian High School seniors and allegations of racial profiling by UW employees “an insult to the intelligence of myself, the students and their parents, and every reasonable prudent citizen of our Nation.”

A total of 10 seniors from St. Stephens Indian High school visited UW two weekends ago as part of the “Campus Pass” program.  They were given a tour of campus on Friday, and six of the students went into the University Store on Saturday morning before the football game.  Allegedly, a customer in the store told one of the employees that one of the students wearing a St. Stephens shirt had taken an item and put it in their bag without paying.  According to St. Stephens Indian School Principal Cheryl R. Meyers, the six students and two chaperones were rounded up; campus police were called to conduct a search.  According to a description of events from the UW Office of General Counsel, “No items purchased from the store were in the bags, nor were there items from the store in the bags that had not been purchased.”

Yesterday, the University of Wyoming released a memo detailing their investigation into the incident involving six students and two chaperones at the University Store on Saturday, Sept. 26.  The report was sent to UW President McGinity on Tuesday, Oct. 6, and concludes by saying “There exists no evidence of racial profiling or discrimination.”

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