Our Mission

             Tribal Education Department’s National Assembly (TEDNA) is a Native run non-profit that seeks to provide ongoing resources for professional development; providing technical assistance to tribal education departments looking to craft more comprehensive educational systems. Specifically, TEDNA seeks to assemble and collectively represent sovereign nations’ education departments. TEDNA accomplishes this by fostering effective relationships with government agencies, education agencies, and organizations, in addition to providing support and encouragement for each tribes’ right to define and achieve its own education goals specific to their community. TEDNA represents Tribal Nations reclaiming our sovereignty in education; through the empowerment of establishing tribal education departments or the re-establishment of the tribal education departments, tribal nations are positioning our Nations into the drivers’ seats of leading our nations through educational settings such as early childhood, K12, college, and/or career readiness initiatives.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

The Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair

           The Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair (ONAYLF) is a celebration of language diversity and cultural heritage. Nowhere else in Oklahoma can so many indigenous languages be heard in the same place. Participants take to the stage to perform songs, speeches and stories that demonstrate their knowledge of their Native language. Students’ can submit posters, art, films, books, cartoons and writing that will be displayed at the Sam Noble Museum. Every student that enters a performance or material category receives a t-shirt that bears the Grand Prize poster art from the previous year. Attendees also receive medallions and compete for first, second and third place trophies per category and age division, which are awarded by panels of Native speakers, elders and educators.

          ONAYLF is the largest event for linguistic diversity in the state. If you are learning your language or practicing it at home or in a classroom, we invite you to join us this spring. The event is open to everyone so if you are interested in knowing more about the beauty and diversity of Native languages in Oklahoma and North America, please come visit the Fair. Your presence will support these dedicated youth and the continued use of indigenous languages.

For more information, please contact ONAYLF staff at onaylf.samnoblemuseum@ou.edu or call us at (405) 325-7588


Benefits of a Membership

  • The ability to deliberate and comment on State and National policies relating to tribal education. ​

  • Discussions with other TEDs/TEAs across the United States regarding their implementation development.​

  • Discussions with other TEDs/TEAs across the United States regarding their implementation development.

  • Invitation to our TEDNA annual meeting

  • Spotlight in the TEDNA Newsletter regarding any advertisement, testimonies, or any successes within your tribe.

  • Free Access to our resources