I Am Not A Mascot

Teach for America’s Native Alliance Initiative created this video in response to the debates surrounding Native mascots in professional sports.  Teach for America has long been a supporter of TEDNA.  You can see their video at Teach for America’s Blog, here, and learn more about the Native Alliance Initiative here.  The Initiative seeks to:

  • Provide an Additional Source of Effective Teachers;
  • Advance Student Achievement and Increase Opportunities through Culturally Responsive Teaching;
  • Partner with Native Organizations and Governments; and
  • Build an Alumni Leadership Pipeline.

Nome students’ culinary adventure: pickling muktuk

Here, from KTVA Alaska.


It’s a home economics lesson you’ll only find in Alaska.

“It’s fun,” said Sadie Ellison, smiling. “I like the feeling and how it’s all oily.”

On a Friday in early October, Nome Elementary School fifth graders spent their afternoon wielding ulus and cutting up muktuk.

“Muktuk is kind of a fishy, acquired taste,” Tom Gray described.

“I’m not a big fan of it, but it’s okay,” said Sadie, turning up her nose.