CPR – Bill to assess Indian-themed school mascots to hit Colorado Legislature

Here, from Colorado Public Radio.  An excerpt:

If schools in Colorado with mascots like Indians, chiefs, and braves want to keep using those names, they’ll have to receive approval from a panel of American Indians, if Rep. Joe Salazar gets his way. The Democrat from Thornton says in the coming weeks he plans to introduce a bill in the Legislature, which would set up the panel and a review process.

About 40 schools in the state could be affected, Salazar says, including La Veta, a small town in the foothills of Colorado’s southern Rockies. The school uses the nickname “Redskins” and controversy over the use of the name there isn’t new. In fall 2013, a freshman English class at the high school debated whether the name and use of American Indian images were offensive.

“Most of us were towards changing it, just ’cause, I guess, we wanted to see if we could actually pull it off ’cause nobody thought we could,” student Brayden Dobbs said.

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