DOI, BIA: Request for Nominations of Members To Serve on the BIE Advisory Board for Exceptional Children

Members of the Advisory Board will provide guidance, advice and recommendations with respect to special education  and related services for children with disabilities in BIE-funded schools in accordance with the requirements of IDEA.

The Advisory Board will:

(1) Provide advice and recommendations for the coordination of services within the BIE and with other local, State and  Federal agencies;

(2) Provide advice and recommendations on a broad range of policy issues dealing with the provision of educational  services to American Indian children with disabilities;

(3) Serve as advocates for American Indian students with special education needs by providing advice and recommendations regarding best practices, effective program coordination strategies, and recommendations for improved educational programming;

(4) Provide advice and recommendations for the preparation of information required to be submitted to the Secretary of Education under 20U.S.C. 1411 (h)(2);

(5) Provide advice and recommend policies concerning effective inter- and intra- agency collaboration, including modifications to regulations, and the elimination of barriers to inter- and intra- agency programs and activities; and

(6) Will report and direct all correspondence to the Assistant Secretary—Indian Affairs through the Director, BIE with a courtesy copy to the DFO.


DATES:Please submit nominations by February 20, 2015.

ADDRESSES:Please submit nominations to Ms. Sue Bement, Designated Federal Officer (DFO), Bureau of Indian Education, Division of Performance and Accountability, 1011 Indian School Road NW., Suite 332, Albuquerque,New Mexico 87104 Telephone (505)563–5274Fax to (505) 563–5281.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:Ms.Sue Bement, DFO, at the address and telephone number listed above.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:The Advisory Board was established in accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act, Public Law 92–463. The following provides information about the Committee, the membership and the nomination process.

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