Huslia school placed on lockdown after residents exiled

Here, from  An excerpt:

In a written statement Wednesday, Huslia Tribal Administrator Shandara Swatling said two community meetings were held this week, attended by a majority of the town’s population.

Swatling said by telephone Wednesday that she couldn’t discuss details about the town meeting because community members at the meeting were concerned about the town’s image.

“We went over what we wanted to release to the media,” she said. “It was discussed that we don’t want any more bad reflection on our community.”

In the written statement she said generally that meetings dealt with the community’s response to crime.

“As a community we are working together to make our community a safer place. During the meetings our goal was to once again get our community cohesiveness back. A movement is happening in Huslia. It requires putting our foot down so that we may once again have a community that is safe and a better place to live for the whole community.

. . . .

As of Tuesday night there is no threat to the school and the people who were asked to leave the Koyukuk River community are no longer in Huslia, troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters said.

Peters said she couldn’t elaborate on what led the community to exile the residents or say how many people were asked to leave because troopers are still investigating.

“The community is upset with the alleged suspects and banished them,” she said. She said state prosecutors haven’t charged the people who were asked to leave with any crime.

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