Indianz – Charter School paves way for Indian students

Here.  This highlights the Native American Community Academy (“NACA”) based in Albuquerque, NM.  I know several staff members at NACA, and it is an excellent model that can and should be duplicated.  An excerpt:

ALBUQUERQUE — For many Native American students coming out of high school, both on and off reservations, the possibility of college opportunities is viewed as highly unlikely. Many programs have been established to counter this situation with varying degrees of success.

Blending cultural and ethnic backgrounds as well as traditional and modern approaches, a charter school in New Mexico is taking Native American students into a new era of college preparation.

The Native American Community Academy (NACA) is a tuition-free public charter school serving students in middle and high school. Originally located in the Southeast Heights of Albuquerque, the school has relocated to 1000 Indian School Road NW.

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