Job Announcement: TEDNA NYCP College and Career Readiness for Indian Students Project Director

The Tribal Education Department National Assembly (TEDNA) Native Youth Community Partners (NYCP) Project will develop, test, and demonstrate the effectiveness of College and Career Readiness services and supports to improve the educational opportunities and achievement of Indian students in middle and junior high school. The TEDNA NYCP Project is expected to achieve the goal that all participating Grade 6-9 Indian students will improve College and Career Readiness as defined by a successful transition into high school with a GPA of 2.0+ and a plan that addresses and supports College and Career Readiness that is locally informed. (Full abstract available upon request).

The success of the TEDNA NYCP Project will depend heavily on key personal attributes of the NYCP Project Director. Candidates for this position must bring:

  • Talent, intelligence, compassion, energy, enthusiasm and patience sufficient to bring all project participants to understand and personally invest in project success.
  • Sufficient understanding of tribal sovereignty, Native culture and Native experience to win and maintain acceptance and participation by the individuals and tribes that they will be serving.
  • Sufficient understanding of current and emerging learning, education and administrative practices (and their application in public, BIE and tribal schools) to build and maintain effective bridges within each community of students, parents, tribe, and school.
  • Sufficient understanding of the grant award criteria, TEDNA’s application and the roles and capacities of our OIE funder, our project evaluator and our partner service providers to build and maintain effective bridges within this community and each tribal community of students, parents, leaders and their partnering school.
  • A commitment to personal growth and development that will enable them to serve the NYCP Project’s highest potential as a demonstration project that informs and empowers all Native communities.

These attributes are also key to TEDNA’s success in recruiting and building the resources essential to fulfillment of our mission.

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