Law Against Caricatures (mascots)

An interesting article from Native News Network, here.  An excerpt:

DENVER – A state lawmaker wants Colorado schools with American Indian mascots to get approval to continue using them from the Native American community. If the mascots, names or imagery are not approved, and the school continues using it, the proposal would block the schools from receiving state funds.

Representative Joe Salazar, D-Thornton, said he plans to introduce the bill at the beginning of next year’s legislative session in January.

“We don’t have to give funding to a school or public education institution that wants to engage in derogatory behavior,” explained Representative Salazar.

There is an ongoing debate about Native American-themed mascots, one that has centered on the NFL’s Washington Redskins.

More than a dozen Colorado schools still have Indian-themed mascots, including Lamar High School, home of the Savages, Eaton High School, home of the reds, and the Yuma High School Indians.

The bill proposed by Salazar would allow the Native American community to decide if the mascots and imagery are offensive.

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