News Release from BIA on Gov. Shutdown

BIA has issued a News Release regarding the government shutdown.  BIA and BIE has indicated that limited services will be provided during the shutdown.  With regard to education, the News Release states:

Funding for school operations is forward funded; therefore, Bureau of Indian Education activities will continue during the lapse in operations. All BIE funded schools, including Haskell Indian Nations University and Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute, will remain open; BIE will maintain staff required to provide a safe and secure environment for students; transportation and maintenance of schools will continue; tribally-contracted school operations are forward funded and will remain open. The BIE provides education services to approximately 41,000 Indian students through 183 schools and dormitories and provides funding to 31 colleges, universities and post-secondary school.

Additional information on Indian Affairs’ contingency plan for operations during the government shutdown can be found at:

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