Quinton Roman Nose quoted in Indian Country Today

Quinton Roman Nose, TEDNA’s Executive Director, was quoted in a recent article in Indian Country Today.  The article, Native Education Situation Dire, Says Report; Sequestration Not Helping, highlights The Education Trust’s recent report, The State of Education for Native Students.  A quote from the article:

Quinton Roman Nose, executive director of the Tribal Education Departments National Assembly, said the report paints a dire picture that Indian education experts have long been asking the federal government to heed and change for the better. He believes the information presented in the report offers a starting point for more research as to why there has been little progress under the Obama administration for Native students. “I wish there were more information regarding local partnerships between tribes, local education agencies and state education agencies,” Roman Nose added. “The recent State Tribal Education Partnership grant has awarded four grants to have tribal education agencies partner with local education agencies and state education agencies in developing selected title programs from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.”


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