Red Lake News: Tribe welcomes Sen. Tester and Sen. Franken

From here.  An excerpt:

“We need money for education, this is vital for economic development and jobs,” said Seki.  “All these issues are related.

“Little Rock Representative Richard Barrett brought up the need for housing saying that he knows of a family of 12 people living in one-bedroom home.  “We need money for Indian Housing, not money from the BIA,” he said.Ponemah Representative Gary Nelson spoke of roads.  “The formula favors small reservations, it doesn’t work for us.  The larger reservations monies are based on the workforce instead of population, that needs to be changed,” he said.Franken said he had an extensive list of federal Indian affairs programs he’d like to see receive more funding. “I agree with Chairman Seki that these issues on the reservation are interconnected,” he said, “…for example, the lack of housing that Representative Barrett speaks of forces families to live in domestic violence situations, which can imprint on the children who witness the violence.”

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