Richard Gomez of Chumash Tribe discusses big gains in education

Here, from Santa Ynez Valley News. An excerpt:

As Dr. Niki Sandoval, our tribal education director and member of the state Board of Education, explains: “Our strong high school and college graduation rates are the direct result of the tribe’s investment in education. We encourage our families to enroll their children in pre-school. School readiness sets the stage for achievement.”

Academic readiness does indeed set the stage, and our education department has been promoting such preparation for kindergarten by supporting the pre-school education.

We do not stop there, though. Dozens of credentialed teachers tutor more than 100 of our students at levels from preschool to college in Santa Barbara County and elsewhere.

This looks like an excellent program they have, and some great ideas to be shared.  This also shows the positive results in graduation rates and education that can be made when Tribes can invest heavily in education.

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