Norton Sound Education Summit: Our Education, Our Cultures, Our Time

The Norton Sound Education Workgroup is working with Northwest Planning to host a 2015 Education Summit with the theme of Our Education, Our Cultures, Our Time.

With the goal of improving educational opportunities and outcomes for students from Early Head Start through Post-secondary Education in the Norton Sound region, a number of entities have come together to form the Norton Sound Education Work Group and organize a regional education summit in Nome this coming October 9-11, 2015.

Registration and more information available at the Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation website —

Darrell Robes Kipp Walks On

Darrell Robes Kipp, educator, author, historian, filmmaker and one of the co-founder of the Piegan Institute in Browning, died Thursday evening, according to friend Rosalyn LaPier. He was 69.

Kipp, whose Pikuni name was Apiniokio Peta, or Morning Eagle, co-founded the institute dedicated to archiving and preserving the Blackfoot language in 1987. The institute’s Cuts Wood School is the private elementary school that immerses young people in the Blackfoot language using a teaching method called total physical response.

Article here.