Grant: Sovereignty in Indian Education

The Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) announces the availability of enhancement funds to tribes and their tribal education agencies to promote tribal control and operation of BIE-funded schools on their reservations. This notice invites tribes with at least one BIE-funded school on their reservation/Indian land to submit grant proposals.

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Grant proposals must be received by September 21, 2015, at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time. BIE will hold pre-grant proposal training sessions. See SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section for more information.


Complete details on requirements for proposals and the evaluation and selection process can be found on the BIE Web site at this address: Submit grant applications to: Bureau of Indian Education, Attn: Wendy Greyeyes, 1849 C Street NW., MS-4655-MIB, Washington, DC 20240. Email submissions will be accepted at this address: Limit email submissions to attachments compatible with Microsoft Office Word 2007 or later and files with a .pdf file extension. Emailed submissions may not exceed 3MB total in size. Fax submissions are NOT acceptable.Show citation box


Ms. Wendy Greyeyes, Bureau of Indian Education, Office of the Director, Washington, DC 20240, (202) 208-5810.

For more information from the Federal Register, click here.

TEDNA Priorities for the ESEA Re-Authorization and Indian Education

As you are probably aware, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee introduced their draft discussion language for reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) last week. As the single best opportunity for comprehensively including tribes and their education agencies within federal education law, it is critical that we coordinate our advocacy efforts around the ESEA reauthorization.

Here are TEDNA’s priorities with an excerpt:

The following is a list of the Tribal Education Departments National Assembly’s (“TEDNA”) top education priorities:

  1. Authorize state and tribal co-governance agreements to strengthen tribal participation in education;
  2. Establish the “Tribal Education Agency Project” to provide for the authorization of Indian tribes to be eligible to operate title programs;
  3. Make Indian tribes the preferred eligible entity in rural areas on or near Indian reservations to receive NCLB, Title VII, Indian Education Formula Grants, and authorize Indian tribes to be eligible for technical assistance to develop such grant applications;
  4. Retain the tribal education department appropriation authorizations; and
  5. Provide Indian tribes access to tribal member student data by amending FERPA.

TEDNA also joins and supports NIEA’s priorities, which we posted on here.

Next Steps:

1.) Send a letter to your Senators and the Senate HELP Committee asking them to support TEDNA and NIEA’s priorities, including the Tribal Education Agency Project.

2.) Provide ESEA Comments to Senate HELP Committee by Monday, February 2, 2015 at: Comments will be shared with all members of the Senate HELP Committee.

Should you need a model letter, please contact Matt Campbell at or Clint Bowers, NIEA Policy Associate, at