Use of Data by School Districts

A good article regarding the evolving use of data by school districts.  A quote:

Now, the bulk of student data is housed in a consolidated student-information system that teachers can use to create assessments, score them, and get the results analyzed immediately, giving them the power to adjust their teaching based on what they’re seeing and analyzing in real time. Gone are the days of waiting weeks, or even months, to get data about student academic performance.

“It’s had a huge impact,” said Dan Grossnicklaus, the student-information-systems manager for the 11,000-student district. “In the past, the results were more like an autopsy—not much you can do after the fact. Now there can be an intervention before a student leaves the class.”

This further shows the importance of data in education, and why Tribes and TEDs need to have streamlined access to that data to support their students.  FERPA was recently amended, but it still generally does not allow Tribes and TEDs to access data without a prior consent form.

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