Utah County Imposes Exclusion on Right to Vote for Native Americans

A very interesting article that addresses the issue at hand of Native American participation and their right to vote within San Juan County, Utah. The controversy includes the prohibition on their right to partake in the city council and school board and, if passed, will significantly affect Native American students, families, and communities within the county.

An excerpt:

Sometime next year, a federal judge will decide whether Native Americans are still being shut out of political power in Utah’s San Juan County, where more than 52 percent of the people are members of the Navajo or Ute Mountain Ute tribes.

The trial will be presided over by U.S. District Court Judge Robert Shelby, the same judge who struck down Utah’s ban on same-sex marriages last December. At issue will be the Navajo Nation’s claim that local voting districts have essentially been gerrymandered to ensure a permanent white majority on both the county council and the school board. The Navajo Human Rights Commission has proposed new district boundaries that would give Indians a chance to win a majority of seats.

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