Navajo Nation court to hear language issue affecting candidate

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The Navajo Nation Supreme Court will hear arguments on Friday in a case that could end the campaign of presidential candidate Chris Deschene.

Deschene, 38, is popular on the reservation — he came in second in the tribe’s primary last month. But some tribal members question whether he is fluent in the Navajo language, as required by tribal law.

“They know I try. Many admire my efforts to learn Navajo,” Deschene told The Arizona Republic. “I plead with the people to help me. They tell me … ‘Keep working hard.’ Just the gymnastics of the tongue, in trying to say a certain word, has been difficult.”

Deschene has made repeated gaffes on the campaign trial, according to Betty Reid, a Navajo-speaking reporter at The Arizona Republic. He said he would spy for people instead of work for them and used the word for urine when he meant soil, she reported.

Deschene is running against Joe Shirley Jr., a former president who speaks Navajo fluently.

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