Saving Native Languages and Culture in Mexico With Computer Games

Here is yet another opportunity to enhance culture through modern technology.  We posted about a similar example with Alaska Native culture, here.

An excerpt from Indian Country Today:

Indigenous children in Mexico can now learn their mother tongues with specialized computer games, helping to prevent the further loss of those languages across the country.

“Three years ago, before we employed these materials, we were on the verge of seeing our children lose our Native languages,” asserted Matilde Hernandez, a teacher in Zitacuaro, Michoacan.

Here is an update from Never Alone, the Alaska Native Game:

The team at Never Alone falls into the latter category. Diverse in nature, the development teams primary focus has been to share the culture and story of Iñupiat through the medium of gaming in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Their passion and dedication has produced overwhelmingly positive results as the game approaches its November launch date.

Given the caliber of team that was put together for Never Alone, it’s no surprise that a several of them are being recognized at the Tokyo Game Show later this week for work on a project they completed before joining  the Never Alone team.



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