TEDNA ACE Summer Camps

The TEDNA ACE Education Specialists had the pleasure of hosting several summer camps for students in June. These camps were jam-packed with education and fun alike!

Every camp session featured guest speakers or presentations, giving students the chance to hear inspirational words from Native leaders. Camp attendees also participated in culturally relevant activities, and many students had the chance to tour a college campus or receive a collegiate presentation to get a closer look at the educational options available to them after high school graduation.

At the Muscogee Nation camp, student toured the campus of the College of the Muscogee Nation, giving them the opportunity to explore campus life and observe culturally relevant features of the school.

Students at the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes camp participated in cultural enrichment activities by playing handgame and learning how to construct teepees.

Comanche Nation camp participants had the honor of hearing from Dr. Cornel Pewewardy, a recent recipient of the NIEA Lifetime Achievement Award. They also had the opportunity to learn about videography and explore camera equipment.

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