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Speaking Up Against Racism Around The New Coronavirus

     When reports of this novel virus—first detected in China in December—started spreading to other countries, racialized fear began to manifest in public discourse. 

     Since the virus began to spread, people who identify as Asian American or Pacific Islander (AAPI) have been subjected to racist comments and jokes online or in person, and to isolating behavior from those who are afraid of catching the virus. 

Supporting Students With Learning Disabilities During School Closures

Last month, as schools across the nation began to close, Teaching Tolerance reached out to our community to learn what you needed to support your students and their families through this crisis. One response that we received again and again [was] a call for guidance about how to serve students with disabilities after transitioning to distance learning.

To provide that guidance, we reached out to our friends at the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence with a series of questions. We’re grateful to Dr. Judy Elliott and Dr. George Batsche for their answers.

District Responses to Coronavirus: Examples to Follow

Advocate for students and families during this crisis by using this resource to evaluate your district’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and offer recommendations for changes.

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