Throwback Thursday

Here is NIEA’s preliminary report on No Child Left Behind, that was done in, I believe, 2005.  From the intro.:

This document, prepared by the National Indian Education Association (NIEA) and the Center for Indian Education, Arizona State University, is a preliminary report on the findings based on the hearings and consultation sessions NIEA has conducted on the No Child Left Behind Act in Indian country. The purpose of the report is to provide insight on the impact the Act has had on American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students and the educational institutes they attend.

. . . .

Through the past year NIEA has held eleven hearings on NCLB and Indian education. The purpose of these hearing was to gather information on the impact of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 on American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian students. Specifically, NIEA garnered recommendations on how to strengthen the existing law for Native students, as well as information about what is working within NCLB and how to support programs who have successfully met the mandates. NIEA has collected data and recommendations from every region and made certain that Native Hawaiian and Alaska Native recommendations were included through written and oral testimonies.

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