SD report recommends ways to help Indian students

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PIERRE — A new report from the South Dakota Board of Regents recommends ways to help American Indian students succeed in state universities.

A working group recommends that campuses reach out to Native American high school students to help them enroll in college. It also recommends providing more scholarships and grants to American Indian students and developing academic programs and student services that better reflect the family-centered orientation of tribal life.

A study done by Regents researcher Daniel Palmer found that American Indian students are affected by financial challenges, lack of mentors and fears about leaving home and family. Students involved in the study also said they were encouraged to pursue an education by family support and a desire to help their tribes.

The universities want to recruit more American Indian students.

The Board of Regents announcement is here.  If we get our hands on the report, we will put it up.

The report can be found here.

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